Occupy Protest Enters Third Day

By BethPH Last edited 153 months ago

Last Updated 17 October 2011

Occupy Protest Enters Third Day

The OccupyLSX protests at St Paul's have spilled over into the working week with anti-capitalist campaigners coming face-to-face with the City's more usual occupants.

Some protesters appear to be in for the long haul and the Canon of St Paul's told the BBC he was quite happy for them to stay. Occupy currently remains peaceful, albeit with the odd heated debate (thanks to Paraic O'Brien for the video though we're not quite sure why it's upside down), unlike 2005's invasion by Greenpeace at the International Petroleum Exchange.

Spurious stat of the day - more people like Facebook's 'Banking' page than they like the 'Protesting' page though the 'Occupy London' page beats them both hands down.

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