New Olympics WiFi Network, Hoorah! Oh, It Might Not Work, Boo.

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 89 months ago
New Olympics WiFi Network, Hoorah! Oh, It Might Not Work, Boo.

It's been almost, ooo, a day since the last story about how London's going to struggle to cope with the Olympics. Now a planned free WiFi network for the city has barely been mooted before reports have emerged that it might not be able to handle demand.

Mobile operators want WiFi to ease the pressure on their data networks (which, as we already know, aren't always that great) and the government are talking to six providers about setting something up. But the chief information officer for the Games has admitted:

"There will always be moments in any sporting event when demand is so huge that not everybody can get access."

Basically, don't expect to live tweet the 100m final.

In much better infrastructure news, Heathrow's going to get a Terminal 6 for one day only - 13th August 2012, to handle all the departing athletes. Fears of how the airport will manage 137,000 passengers, including 10,000 competitors, the day after the closing ceremony has led to this idea of a dedicated patch set up in a cargo area (not the glamour of Terminal 5 for the winners and losers). It's this kind of ingenuity that will see London through the Games - that, and going to the pub, apparently.

Photo by Greything from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 13 October 2011