Mayoral Pizza Promotion: Eat Boris Johnson's Face

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Mayoral Pizza Promotion: Eat Boris Johnson's Face

Pizza Express have found a novel way to poll their customers' voting intentions for next year's mayoral election. They've launched two new pizzas decorated with the candidates' heads.

The Boris runs along the lines of a Sloppy Giuseppe, comprising spicy beef, onions, peppers and grana padano cheese. Given the incumbent's blond thatch, a side helping of spaghetti might also be encouraged.

The Ken contains tomatoes (red!), pesto, basil, avocado and rocket, reflecting the former mayor's fondness for gardening. Newts are optional.

Both cost £10 and can be ordered at Pizza Express during the London Restaurant Festival. The winning countenance will be announced on 17 October.

Image nicked from Pizza Express' website on the hunch that they're happy for us to give them free advertising.

Last Updated 05 October 2011