This Weekend: The Making Of Rocky Horror @ Southbank Centre

Franco Milazzo
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This Weekend: The Making Of Rocky Horror @ Southbank Centre

It's astounding. Time is...fleeting and madness takes its toll. But listen closely for a little bit longer: this weekend, you can take part in the biggest Time Warp dance-off ever and you don't have to leave your house.

Probably the most successful non-traditional musical ever, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has built up the kind of cult following that David Icke, Jim Jones and Charles Manson can only dream of. On Sunday, as part of the weekend-long South Bank's Vision Sound Music festival, Richard O'Brien will be talking to Richard Hartley (the man responsible for the musical arrangement of the theatre and film versions) about the making of a show which has some critics but plenty of new fans care of Glee.

Following their trip down Memory Lane, they will both perform live as they attempt the world's first Time Warp dance-off which you can take part in from home: "to join in, search for and add "worldwidetimewarp" to your skype account. You will then be approved and receive instructions for what to do at around 21.00 BST on Sunday 4th September, 2011."

The festival will also feature the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing the theme tunes to many a game addict's dreams including Angry Birds, Tetris, Call Of Duty and Metal Gear Solid and a trip through Adam Buxton's favourite music videos as well as workshops during the day.

More event information and tickets here.

...and here for more general information on the Vision Music Sound festival.

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