Second Interviews For Met Commissioner Candidates

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 90 months ago
Second Interviews For Met Commissioner Candidates

Job interviews, eh? They say they'll get back to you by Monday, but then the person making the decision is in a meeting and can't be got hold of and you're just sitting there wondering and waiting and then you get called back for yet another interview. Apparently it's no different if you're applying to be Met Police Commissioner.

Earlier this week, Boris Johnson said the new police chief would be announced on Monday, but Home Secretary Theresa May has just told MPs it might be delayed because, according to the Standard, the Mayor wants to interview all four candidates himself after rejecting a shortlist of two drawn up by the Metropolitan Police Authority. May said "I am not saying it won't be Monday, I am just cautioning the committee".

After losing two police chiefs during his tenure as Mayor it's understandable that Boris would want close oversight - but given what happened with Veronica Wadley, a job at the Arts Council and accusations of cronyism, it's perhaps just as well that May will also be in the room.

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Last Updated 08 September 2011