Mystery Planes Over North London Cause "Twitter Meltdown"

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 79 months ago
Mystery Planes Over North London Cause "Twitter Meltdown"

If you were looking into the night sky yesterday evening, you may have seen something unusual.

At around 8pm, many in North London and Hertfordshire reported seeing three planes - one larger one flanked by two smaller ones - flying overhead and circling around a number of times. With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, it is not surprising that the social network was soon aflame with possible explanations, some more serious than others.

Sky News reported a "twitter meltdown" as comedian Matt Rudge pointed the finger at Air Force One or Gaddafi and others suggested technical faults, terrorism, diversions or that the aircraft were two fighter jets accompanying a commercial flight.

Other planespotters thought it might be Lear jets, the Queen's Flight, VIP transport planes on a training exercise or the airshow today at Hendon.

We await the official facts behind these mysterious planes.

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Last Updated 10 September 2011

Paul C

I've some film of the planes last night. Visit www.paulcolemanslondon.blogspo...


What about the fireworks over east London last night. Was it filming in Hackney Wick? Something for Westfield Stratford City? Something at the Olympic Park? Really, what was going on? It was so loud!

Marcus East

Does anyone have an explanation, yet?


All three are from RAF Northolt - its a BAE 146 (yes the one the Queen uses)  I see them daily as I live right by the base 


Yes a BAE 146 and two old Hawker Siddley a25s. Probably of Purple Flight. Is no-one in London a planespotter anymore?


there are some planes turning over Islington as I type, all quite unusual. VIP arrivals for commemoration ceremonies? ...

Alex Norcliffe

According to this Daily Mail article (and thus, possibly a complete fabrication) there are three planes from RAF Northolt which patrol for surveillance purposes (midway through the text) presumably because having the most CCTV installations per capita in the world isn't enough...

Edit: Some folks think it was prep for, or part of, a commemorative flypast

Malcolm Murdoch

Surely something to do with the arms show?

Probably Assad flying in to buy some water cannon?


This just happened in west london