Mind The Data Gap: TfL Accused Of Lacking Transparency On Tube Performance

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 122 months ago
Mind The Data Gap: TfL Accused Of Lacking Transparency On Tube Performance

You might have noticed that TfL have stopped updating their website with tube performance statistics. Despite saying new figures will be added every four weeks, the data stops on 31st March 2011.

Val Shawcross and TSSA-backed site Together for Transport are pointing the finger at Boris Johnson, accusing him of being embarrassed about the crap figures and doing a runner from transparency. (Do we honestly think Boris is that involved in the day-to-day?!)

However, TfL say hardly anyone was looking at the stuff so they've stopped updating it while they decide - in consultation with others, including GLA members - how best to get the figures out there. They basically just need to update their website.

This is all a bit potAYto potARto and we can't be arsed with it, but... that data is nerd-tastic. You can get excess journey times by line (did you know that in March, we spent an average of 6.35 minutes longer than necessary on the Victoria line?), see the percentage of trains in service (95.6% on the Metropolitan line vs 99.7% on the Piccadilly line) and entry / exit numbers by station. TfL say the data is still available in places like board papers, but we almost lost the will to live when faced with that page. And pulling information together from various sources is much harder.

We know only too well the pain of going through a website content management system filling in awkward data that hardly gets looked at but, TfL, please: we promise, if you start updating it again, we'll use it. Don't make us plough through umpteen different papers. The widget's cool, use it again.

Last Updated 06 September 2011