Live Music Preview: Astro + Support @ The Star of Kings

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Last Updated 27 September 2011

Live Music Preview: Astro + Support @ The Star of Kings

In what is sure to be one of the most sonically dissonant gigs on the London event calender this year, Hiroshi Hasegawa, formally of  the notorious CCCC (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center), brings his solo brand of  'Japanoise' to town in the shape of Astro.

With a history of throwing plastic bags full of urine into the audience and stripping, expect anything to happen with Hasagawa's latest offering.

Supporting is London-based The Haxan Cloak, aka sonic experimentalist Bobby Krlic, whose compositions manage to blend classical, doom metal and industrial into an enchanting, disturbing wall of sound*. Plus Cementimental, whose use of customised, circuit-bent sound toys make for an intense cacophany that is strangely comforting, in an ear-splitting kind of way.

*Haxan Cloak has sadly had to cancel, and will be replaced by Meddicine.

Witness Astro, the Haxan Cloak and Cementimental on October 27 at (new venue alert!) The Grosvenor 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell SW9 0TP. Advance tickets £7.50