Listen Up Music Interview: Chapel Club

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Last Updated 29 September 2011

Listen Up Music Interview: Chapel Club

Mixing dark shadows, moments of reflection and the odd image of a bustling flower market, Chapel Club's first album, 'Palace', drew comparisons with My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division.

The London-based group are now planning an innovative October tour - where they'll play two sets each night - before heading back to the studio. We asked guitarist Alex Parry about the tour, London - and bad service in the capital's record shops.

We hear you're working on your second album. How's it sounding?
Interesting so far, to us at least. It's pretty introspective right now - we're only dealing with the bare bones of songs-to-be and trying not to get too concerned with how its going to turn out. That's the next stage to the one we're at.

Tell us about the format of the tour. Are you playing two sets each night?
We were a little worried it'd kill us to write a load of new stuff and then not be able to play it - at least not in a coherent way - at these shows, so the two sets seemed like the obvious way to do it.

Where in London are you based and what's great about the area?
We're writing in a studio on Upper Street in Islington, which is easily my favourite area of London. There are some great cocktail bars and three Mexican places, as well as a load of other cool shops and eateries and stuff.

What's your favourite London venue?
It used to be the Luminaire but now that's gone, I would say Heaven. Or the Barbican, depending on who I'm going to see.

Can you think of an unusual London venue that should open itself up for gigs?
The Screen on the Green cinema on Upper St would be a cool place for a band to play.

What's your favourite record shop in London?
I hate the record shops here, the guys that work there are such slugs. I just go in, get my shit and leave, or just buy online! Probably Fopp or something where the people have to be nice to you.

What other new London bands or artists should we be checking out?
There's a band called Paradise who've just started playing live who are great. And Milky Onions - they make pretty weird but totally confident pop music. They're very good live.

Where in London can we see you playing next?
Shepherd's Bush Empire on October 18th. Come along!

What's your London secret?
Freud's Bar on Shaftesbury Avenue. It's not really a secret, but it is a cool place and you wouldn't necessarily know it was there.

Tickets are still available to see Chapel Club on 18 October.