Is This London's Oddest Street Name?

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Is This London's Oddest Street Name?

Crooked Usage. You'll find it midway between Hendon and Finchley Central, just off the Great North Way. There's even a bus stop. A street of the same name also once existed in Chelsea. The strange phrase probably originates in Anglo Saxon times, when a 'usage' was a strip of grass between fields. The 'crooked' appellation would then have denoted a wonky division.

We're working on an A-Z of London's oddest street names, so if you have any nominations, please share in the comments below.

(Apologies for the low resolution...image taken from Google Maps.)

Last Updated 07 December 2017


"Porcupine nearby" ... Correction "Porcupine Close" in south London


I'm too busy getting my fix on Shoot Up Hill to comment.


I think there's a Prudent Passage off Ironmonger Lane.


KITCAT Terrace in Bow


Batman Close in Shepherds Bush?


Love Walk in Camberwell

Nikhil Shah

Little Britain in Smithfield?


Theres also a Petty France near St James Park station

Phil Bird

Kings Butts in Eltham (no apostrophes on the sign...)

Does anyone know the story of KitKat close in Bow? I've always been curious....


What about The Minories near Tower Hill?

Jonn Elledge

I still feel you can't beat St Mary Axe.


I know its not in London but I always liked Crotch Crescent in Oxford


Great Maze Pond, Southwark?


Kin's Butts, Ribbon Dance Mews, Hanch of Venison Street, Adam and Eve Court, Wibbley Wobbly Lane, Man in Moon Passage, Endwell Lane, Friendly Street, Garlick Hill, Amen Court, Angel Walk, Bleeding Heart Yard, Playing house Yard....that'll do for now. I collect street names...


Barnes Pikle, W5


I always enjoyed Seething Wells Lane in Surbiton. 


duplex ride in victoria


I used to live in that road, always thought it had a peculiar name.


Zoffany Road, Upper Holloway...

Simon Whiteside

I've always liked Newington Butts

Pauline Boothby-Graffoe

Not hugely odd but I do have a strange affinity for Cockpit Steps between The Two Chairmen and St James's Park...

Christine Ince

Ribbon Dance Mews in Camberwell

Darius Drewe

Crook Log (Bexleyheath) Tranquil Vale (Blackheath) Cardinal Cap Alley (just by the Globe, SE1) Gropecunt Lane (not called that anymore, though a pressure group is petitioning the council to change it back) Downage (Hendon) Black Boy Lane (Tottenham) Great Benty (West Drayton) Ha Ha Road (Woolwich) Thrasher Close (Hackney)


some of my favs in Woodside Park are Lullington Garth, Walmington Fold and Singleton Scarp


I love "French Ordinary Court" and "Crutched Friars" in EC3.


'Barnes Pikle' in Ealing is rather strange


Limehouse has the memorable and specific "Shoulder of Mutton Alley"

Ciaran Hughes

French Ordinary Court off Crutched Friars in the City!