EDL Replace March With Static Protest

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EDL Replace March With Static Protest

The English Defence League are planning a static protest in London this weekend after a march was vetoed by the Home Secretary.

The far-right group originally intended to march through the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Newham, Islington and Hackney but a 30-day ban was imposed after an appeal from the Metropolitan Police over public order concerns. The ban was then extended to cover the City of London. The Met say 3000 officers will be on hand to prevent violent clashes.

The decision to ban the march has been criticised by freedom of speech campaigners – Liberty’s legal director James Welch said:

‘The police and home secretary must realise how serious it is to ban marches in a free country.’

The Met points out that it wasn’t an easy decision to make:

‘We have not sought this power since 1981 - which shows how we do not take this lightly. As far as Saturday is concerned, both parties have requested a static demonstration and we will be negotiating with them suitable locations with the aim of minimising disorder.’

Opposition groups including Unite Against Fascism are organising a counter demonstration Their website reported that the RMT had threatened to stop work on health and safety grounds if a planned muster at Liverpool Street station went ahead, which has to be one of the few occasions when Londoners might actually support a walkout. They are also calling on two Euston pubs to stop EDL members using their premises as meeting points.

The EDL said: ‘Placing a ban on the EDL march gives out completely the wrong message. It suggests that it is the EDL, and not the extremism that we demonstrate about, which needs to be kept in check.’

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Last Updated 02 September 2011

Robin-Timothy Card

I completely understand why people would find the EDL reprehensible. That said, the East London Mosque itself has been caught on too many occasions promoting homophobia, sexism and cultural superiority, or  what one might call fascism. I why Unite Against Fascism don't demonstrate against the mosque as they rightfully do against the EDL.

Edmund Dantes

I really feel sorry for those in the EDL...failures in life with little to no future prospects. Oh well, I suppose the world needs ditch diggers too.


The EDL should be opposed because it is in reality anti Muslim rather than anti-Islamist. For more information on the actual politics of the EDL see the Hope not Hate website. There are also a large number of openly racist elements who have attached themselves to the EDL and in some areas of the country known former Nazis and violent football hooligans now work within the EDL. I have opposed many EDL demos and heard anti Muslim chanting by EDL and been the vicitm of intimidation by them (video evidence exist of EDL members seeking to prevent peaceful anti BNP leafleting in Essex). Not all those who support the EDL are aware of its true agenda and some EDL supporters have genuine concerns but the EDL itself should be opposed. The East London Mosque has invited some reactionary speakers in the past although not recently and I have supported protests against them with local Bengali socialists. They do not want EDL support.

In opposing the EDL however we should not resort to anti working class snobbery...there is nothing wrong with being a ditch digger and many people who have no prospects are not failures. The neglect of white working class communities in London and elsewhere is one reason the EDL has won support in some areas

Lecture over

Londoner. Anti EDL AND proud to be from working class background 


Well the EDL have got headline news and are growing all the time, banning them will not help.
Political parties should talk to them and listen, they say what a lot of people think,
it could be the mouse that roared.