BT Tower To Become Giant Lightsaber

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BT Tower To Become Giant Lightsaber

All eyes on the BT Tower at 8pm tonight, as Anthony Daniels (C3PO in Star Wars) flicks a magic switch to turn the Fitzrovia landmark into a giant lightsabre. It's all a big PR stunt to mark the launch of the complete Star Wars saga on Blue Ray. We hope it looks more impressive than our shoddy artist's impression, above.

Last Updated 15 September 2011


Did anyone see this last night?


nothing happened


I watched from 8PM until at least 8:30 and I didn't see anything.  Just before eight I thought I could see searchlights sweeping the sky in the area, but then they went off and nothing.


Ah, looks like you just missed it. They were 45 minutes late with the set-up, according to this site:

The pics look impressive though.