6.5M Extra Hours On The Tube - Now That's A Delay

Rachel Holdsworth
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6.5M Extra Hours On The Tube - Now That's A Delay

A London Assembly report has looked at tube delays for 2010/11 and worked out passengers spent an unnecessary 6.5 million hours travelling on the network. What else could you have done with that time?

Presumably using the data that used to be available to everyone on TfL's website, the Transport Committee found a 20% increase in delays recently, with the biggest culprits being the Victoria, District, Metropolitan and - no surprise here - the Jubilee lines.

Industrial action accounted for about half of the delays (cheers, guys) but, and this is where we don't know if we should be worried or blithely write last year off as a blip, the tube has been improving each year since upgrades began in 2003/2004, with the exception of last year's dip. We'll pick this choice sentence out of the report's executive summary:

the period between August 2010 and January 2011 saw the longest sustained period of poor reliability since the start of the upgrades


TfL say they've "learned lessons" from the almighty Jubilee line balls-up and have plans in place to improve matters. The London Assembly say that in 2011/2012 they want to see lines matching their best performance year since upgrades began. We shall see...

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Last Updated 13 September 2011

Dean Nicholas

Between August 2010 and January 2011 the network had to deal with, among the usual wear-and-tear problems and delays, the following:

- The introduction of new signalling on the Jubilee line
- The roll-out of new trains on the Victoria and Metropolitan lines
- A major problem on the District line when cracked brackets were found on a few trains, meaning all the stock had to be checked to ensure it wasn't faulty: http://londonist.com/2010/10/d...

In other words, it was an unusually busy period, and isn't necessarily indicative of a wider malaise.

Things on the Jubilee are looking better (and the new signalling means they're able to run trains more frequently), the Victoria line problems seem to have been ironed out, and hopefully TfL are learning a lot from running the new trains on the Met so it'll be a smooth process to introduce them on the Circle, H&C and District lines.