Romford Cycle Attack Caught On Camera. Know Him?

By jamesup Last edited 89 months ago
Romford Cycle Attack Caught On Camera. Know Him?

Do you know the Romford Flat Cap Cycle Attacker, caught on camera having a bizarre altercation with a road user (on a bike) who correctly takes the inside lane while turning right on a roundabout? Perhaps you met him once on Guardian Soulmates, or he's part of your Church Group? We're fairly sure you're not his dentist.

The attack happened just before 7 P.M. on Waterloo Road, Romford, last Wednesday. The cyclist seems to have taken the junction perfectly reasonably, and is then unfailingly polite in the face of some extreme aggression.

If you do know him give Romford Police a call on 01708 751212, or you can try out that new-fangled 101 and see if it actually works.

This follows last month's attack on Simon Page, where things were even uglier. On that occasion the perp was identified and charged. John Nicholls of Dartford was convicted of the assault and ended up with a criminal record and £600 fine.

If there are two violent attacks against the handful of people riding with helmet cams, how many go unreported?

Last Updated 03 August 2011