Photo of the Day: Heddlu!

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Photo of the Day: Heddlu!

London has a lot of visiting police at the moment, from all over the UK - and very welcome they are too. Peckham has taken to the Heddlu, who have been seen picking up babies, letting children play with their hats, and smiling, always smiling. It is not yet known whether they all sing. Dioch yn fawr, boys.

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Can we keep them?


Fascinating fact...

Although 'policemen' in Wales are now known as 'plismon' in the same way we have stopped calling the computer 'cyfrifiadur' and refer to it as a 'compiwtar' and the 'ambulance' as an 'ambiwlans' [I am not making this stuff up...] the 'proper' Welsh for a copper is 'heddgeidwad'. This can more accurately be translated as 'peacekeeper', in the same way a Welsh goalkeeper is a 'gol-geidwad'. 


By the way, while we are on the topic of phonetic 'Wenglish' the local branches of ATS advertise their services as follows..

Teiars = Tyres
Egsosts = Exhausts
Batris = Batteries
Siocs = Shock absorbers

And fast food establishments have been known to offer...

Tsips [as opposed to 'sglodion'..]

But I won't spoil the fun by not allowing you to 'guess what it is yet...'

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum are the language purists who refuse to refer to the humble 'grasshopper' as 'Jac Y Jwmper' [literally 'jack the jumper' ] since Welsh doesn't have a 'J' in its alphabet and refer to our insect friend meaninglessly as 'IAC Y IWMPER'...


English is made up of many borrowed words from French, German & Greek to name a few

J Evans

Must be nice change for them getting away from all that rain.