Paul McCartney Could Open 2012 Olympics

Dean Nicholas
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Paul McCartney Could Open 2012 Olympics

As (barely credible) rumour had it a few weeks ago, the 2012 Games could kick off with a sort-of Beatle reunion, in which Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney would be joined on stage by the offspring of John Lennon and George Harrison for a romp through some of the quartet's classics (and wouldn't Helter Skelter be an appropriate tune to launch the ArcelorMittal Orbit?)

Those plans appear to have been kyboshed by Ringo's other musical commitments (sic) and the relucance of the younger generation to get involved. However, Sir Paul is still keen, reports Digital Spy (quoting a story in the Mirror), and could perform at the opening ceremony on July 27th 2012, alongside a bevy of younger stars.

Serendipitously, earlier today Ian Visits reminded us of the awesome video for McCartney's 1986 single, Press. Dreary as the song may be, the music video features a spry, strap-hanging Mac bounding about the London Underground, mugging for the camera, tipping buskers and palling around with the rush hour proles. Unforgettable.

Photo / Oli Gill

Last Updated 03 August 2011