New Music Video Shows London After The Riots

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 154 months ago

Last Updated 13 August 2011

New Music Video Shows London After The Riots

It's hard to believe but, just a week ago, London was a very different place. A peaceful protest last Saturday afternoon kicked off days of rioting and looting which started in Tottenham but quickly spread around the capital and later the country.

While historian David Starkey claims that "the whites have become black", pointing the finger at the Jamaican-like patois used in Blackberry messages between looters, one enterprising rapper has appropriated the language of the rather white William Shakespeare and the music of Stevie Wonder in a video showing the effect of the recent disturbances on his London neighbourhood.

The multi-coloured Super Massive Raver (Simon Wan) is joined by legendary beatboxer Killa Kela as they survey the damage.

Hat-tip to b3ta.