Film Preview: Southwark Travellers

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Film Preview: Southwark Travellers

Well now this is quite something. Local history library meets Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. A highly informative and well constructed documentary, which, unlike its televised counterparts, aims merely to record what's what. It may also serve as a timely reminder that most travellers are warm and friendly people: the influx of (not always very well behaved) Eastern European gypsies into Southwark has unfortunately tarnished the travellers' image for many.

Travellers have been settled on four sites in Southwark for over twenty years now, and are an important part of the area's ethnic mix. Chris Haydon, producer and director, spent over a year creating the film, supported by the Community TV Trust and working alongside traveller organisations. It was initially shown at Tate Modern, and now it is to get another outing at Peckham Multiplex as part of the Elephant and Nun Festival (of which more undoubtedly soon). You can see the film this Monday 8th August at 6pm, and there is a Q & A with the producer thereafter. Tickets are a ridiculous £1.99.

Last Updated 05 August 2011