Boris Is Thinking About Plastic Bags

By Lindsey Last edited 81 months ago
Boris Is Thinking About Plastic Bags

No, we haven't yet had a response to our email to the Mayor's office to find out what progress has been made towards a plastic bag free London 2012 but there are updates from other sources today.

Firstly, the Daily Mail reports that Boris is mulling over bringing in a levy on single-use plastic bags, following the imminent Welsh model charging 5p per bag with the proceeds going to good causes. We are glad to hear Boris quoted saying:

Plastics bags are an unnecessary scourge on our environment and I’ve set out my ambition to make London a plastic bag free city.... We are planning a renewed campaign to help do so ahead of 2012, when the eyes of the world are on us.

However, time seems tight to bring in a mandatory levy and London would need a special dispensation from Westminster to be able to legislate just for the capital. Wouldn't it be a whizz of an idea to use the Games as a beacon of good practice and ban those bags from the venues?

Unfortunately, campaigning group Greener Upon Thames who are behind the petition to make the Olympics plastic bag free, announced this week that LOCOG is refusing an outright plastic bag ban, except in its own merchandise shops (where you'll get a smart paper carrier).

If you think this is a lame position given London won the bid for the 2012 Games with sustainability embedded in its plans, then sign the petition to increase pressure on LOCOG.

You can also email the Mayor's office to congratulate him on remembering his plans to make London plastic bag free by 2012 and urge him to change LOCOG's mind too.

Last Updated 05 August 2011


Hooray for the end of plasic bags.


A lot of people reusing carrier bags as bin liners - so a ban on plastic carrier bags will only lead to an increase in sales of umm, plastic bags.

We seem to be blaming the plastic bag for causing rubbish on the streets/waterways instead of blaming the people who don't dispose of them properly.

Plastic bags are a minuscule volume of the total packaging waste sent to landfills and if people really were concerned, they'd devote their considerable "ban the bag" efforts more sensibly towards cutting down on often pointless packaging used to protect food from bumps and grazes.


They do make rubbish binliners though, what with the child saving air holes in the bottom...