West End Theatre Seats Get An Upgrade

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 91 months ago
West End Theatre Seats Get An Upgrade

The days of coming out of the theatre with a cricked back and a numb backside may be over. The Ambassadors Theatre Group have embarked on a mission to replace all the seats in its theatres with seats that have decent lumbar support, and are more usually found in sports cars.

Now, we occasionally switch on Top Gear and are used to the sight of Clarkson and May whinging about uncomfortable seats in whatever £200k car they're throwing around the track that day. But the Guardian have been to road-test (sorry) the new chairs at the Fortune Theatre and report a natural tendency away from slumping that's still comfy. Interesting.

ATG owns ten theatres in the centre of town as well as the Fortune, plus one in Richmond, the Wimbledon Theatre and Studio and the Churchill in Bromley. If you can't wait for one of those to be upgraded, as one of London's top ten longest-running shows a night out at The Woman in Black at the Fortune could be a lot worse.

The Lyceum Theatre, in line for an upgrade by Chris 金本英俊 from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 15 July 2011