Week In Geek: 25-31 July 2011

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Week In Geek: 25-31 July 2011

Events for Londoners with curious minds.

As summer sets in, venues tend to programme fewer talks. Hence, we've got a shorter selection this week. Please do suggest any omissions in the comments.

Tuesday 26 July
BOOKS: More Mervyn Peakery from the British Library. This evening's event celebrates the life and works of the author, illustrator and painter. The talk coincides with a small exhibition, currently running at the library. £7.50/£5, 6.30pm

Wednesday 27 July
CHEMISTRY: It's Science Museum Lates again tonight, your chance to explore the museum without any children and with a glass of wine. Tonight's theme is chemistry, and there's a special talk lined up about the famous chemists of London. Look out, too, for the usual entertainment, such as the silent disco and science quiz. FREE, 6.45pm

Thursday 28 July
ASTROPHYSICS: The Royal Institution presents something called Urban Sputnik, an attempt to explain astrophysics to a general audience. Judging by the wordy blurb, "...It will also create a metaphorical sensory experience connecting the user with distant cosmological phenomena...", they're going to struggle. Still, it's free, which is a rare thing at the RI. FREE, 7pm

SCI-ART: The Wellcome Trust is well known as a great funder of both the arts and sciences. As part of its 75th year, the organisation hosts a debate about the future of funding in these sectors. How much money should we expect from the government and the private sector in this age of austerity? FREE, 7pm

Friday 29 July
NATURE: Following on from Science Museum Lates (Wednesday), it's the Natural History Museum's turn. FREE, until 10pm

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