Week In Geek: 11-17 July 2011

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Week In Geek: 11-17 July 2011

Events for Londoners with curious minds.

Monday 11 July
SCI-FI: This month's meetup of the Science Fiction Book Club discusses Vernor Vinge's  A Deepness in the Sky. Location is shown only to members. £3, 7pm

Tuesday 12 July
CRYPTOZOOLOGY: Could Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or the Yeti exist? Can their pursuit be considered a science? A panel gathers at ZSL tonight to debate the merits of cryptozoology. FREE, 6pm

SCI-FI: A panel of literary bigwigs, including Margaret Atwood and Toby Litt, are at the British Library to discuss their favourite works of science fiction from the Library's ongoing exhibition. £7.50, 6.30pm

MAKING: Weekly open day at the London Hackspace in Hoxton for anyone who enjoys tinkering. FREE, 7pm

Wednesday 13 July
ART: With modern touchscreen technologies and the mobile internet, the ways we buy, consume and create art are changing. A Future Human event at the Book Club in Shoreditch explores this area. £10, 7pm

Thursday 14 July
POPULATION: Should we impose a limit to the number of children couples can have, to limit population? Join in the debate at the Dana Centre tonight. FREE, 7pm

DYSTOPIA: Iain Sinclair, Cathi Unsworth and China Miéville gather at the Bishopsgate Institute to discuss dystopian literature about London, including JG Ballard's The Drowned World. £8, 7.30pm

ENVIRONMENT: Should we invest research and money in geoengineering solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change? Come along to the British Library's latest Talk Science event to hear more. £5, 6.20pm

Friday 15 July
CODING: Ever wanted to try your hand at programming but don't know where to start? A one-day workshop might be the prompt you need. Location and time not given.

Saturday 16 July
SPACE: The British Interplanetary Society host a day inspired by Russian space flight. Kosmos Day at the BFI Southbank will involve discussion and documentary screenings, hopefully in the presence of the world's most experienced space traveller Sergei Krikalev. £13, 11am

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