Ticket Alert: Official UK Air Guitar Championships 2011

By Lindsey Last edited 91 months ago
Ticket Alert: Official UK Air Guitar Championships 2011

Gaining respect as an air guitarist isn't easy. With no actual instrument to prop up your fretboarding and axe posturing, you have to rock twice as hard yet straddle a fine line between total commitment and scary freakishness.

At the Air Guitar Championships last year, contenders were penalised for being too Welsh, looking 'half barbie', and even 'half zebra' and for inappropriate 'guitar themed pole dancing'.

Much is at stake. Dignity, sanity, let alone the mighty prize of being sent to Finland - home of the incomparable Lordi - to represent the UK in the World Championships.

Tickets to witness this awesome event are on sale now. If you're keen to fully immerse yourself in the whole air head thing, go to the official warm-up Party - Animal: London's Newest Hair Metal and Cock Rock Party - at the Macbeth in Hoxton on Friday 19 August with qualifying performances by air guitarists and a performance by The Air O'Smiths.

Think you're hard enough to take part? Email info@airguitaruk.com.

The Official UK Air Guitar Championships take place on Saturday 20 August at The Garage, Highbury. Tickets £10.

The event supports the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Last Updated 20 July 2011