London Limericks: There Was A Young Lady From Twickers...

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London Limericks: There Was A Young Lady From Twickers...

A few days ago, we asked our Facebook followers to come up with a few limericks about the capital. Just for a bit of fun, like. Some of the better ones are compiled below. We bet you can do better, though. So let us know in the comments what the horny old man from the Bank gets up to, or the rhyming denizens of any other part of town, for that matter.

There was a young lady from Wapping
Who liked to head east for her shopping
When Westfield arrives
She'll buy some new knives
And finally improve her chopping

By Londonist, to get the ball rolling

There was a man from Muswell Hill
Who was held there against his own will
Till TfL provides
Said the man to his bride
We'll just have to stay here and chill

By Alex Claremont

There was a young lady from Wapping
Whose hair was as red as a sign for stopping
When she lost her job
She just closed her gob
And now her denials she's dropping

By Hayes Thompson (oo, topical)

A pigeon from Trafalgar Square
Flew downstream to visit the Mayor
With his barnet hirsute -
Then a hawk gave pursuit
So he hid inside Boris's hair!

By Kathy Brown

On Threadneedle Street stands a bank
With walls that could withstand a tank
Inside, rates are set
For the cost of our debt
As they rise you'll know who to thank

By Tom Williams

The Wheel, the new Shard, and Big Ben,
Might be landmarks in London's top ten,
But as an aesthete,
I say they can't compete,
With St Paul's by Sir Christopher Wren

By Alex Barwise

And our favourite...

There once was a Londonist site
Which contained all the cool stuff we like
For sightseers or locals
Or countrified yokels
There’s always place that’s just right

By Jean Trend-Hill

Plenty more over on our Facebook page, but please give generously in the comments. A gold star for anyone who can form a coherent limerick around Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich.

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