London 2012 BT Storytellers Announced

By Lindsey Last edited 91 months ago
London 2012 BT Storytellers Announced

A hundred members of the public have been designated Storytellers for the London 2012 Olympics.

Drawn from across the nation, the fleet of creative types will document the story of the London Olympics using all media available by blogging, social networking, producing art work, writing words, through graphics and design, film, photography and music. We'd like someone to do it through interpretative dance too please.

Amongst the Storytellers is Andy Wilkes, better known to us as a Flickrpool member and blogger, InsideLondon2012. He's been working on the Olympic site since July 2008 and photographing its transformation as construction has progressed. Like him on Facebook to keep up with his stories.

Another familiar face is Inua Ellams, the poet, playwright, graphic designer and performer. He recently led a 12 hour night walk around East London for Create 11 and we loved his play - commissioned by London Word festival - The 14th Tale. We even interviewed him, look.

Of course, the job isn't just being left to Joe Public. 'Celebrity/Elite' storytellers are also involved (although frankly, Andy and Inua are true stars to us). Paralympians and Olympians are joined by not one but two members of Duran Duran, Wenlock and Mandeville (um.. who aren't real), Professor Brian Cox's lovely wife and Dom Joly et al.

There are various ways for everyone to get involved in telling stories about 2012 and voting for your favourite but ultimately, the stories of 2012 will be told all over the place, all over the city, all over the UK in a million ways and more. BT's Storytellers will document their own slices of the Olympic Story but it's all ears, eyes, minds and devices open for the full story. Not least over here.

Last Updated 14 July 2011