Ken Writes To Boris About Olympic Route Network

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Ken Writes To Boris About Olympic Route Network

Ken Livingstone has added his voice to concern over the planned temporary removal of pedestrian crossings to speed VIP traffic along key sections of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and Paralympic Route Network (PRN) fearing the 2012 Games will be marred by an increase in pedestrian fatalities.

Mayorwatch has printed the full text of the letter from Ken Livingstone to Boris Johnson, which asks for:

- Better public information about the ORN/PRN to help those affected by it plan for 2012
- Details on who exactly is included in the 'Olympic Family' beyond athletes and IOC officials
- Further justification on the removal of pedestrian crossings
- Reconsideration over the right of taxis to use the Games Lanes
- Confirmation that the restrictions will be in place for the shortest time possible

The ORN/PRN covers 2.6% of London’s roads and will be kept roadwork free for 2012. Around half of that network is designated for key 'Games Lanes' and, as previously reported, there will be fines for anyone outside of the 'Olympic Family' straying into these vital routes designed to make sure athletes, officials and other VIPs are at the right venue at the right time.

A final 'engagement phase' on the ORN/PRN is due to begin in late summer and be concluded by September this year.

Yesterday BBC London announced a televised public debate, hosted by Jeremy Vine with Mayor Boris Johnson and Lord Coe on hand to answer your questions about the Olympics. The programme will be recorded in Stratford on 25 July and aired the following day. To ask a question, or to be there to hear the debate live, email

Last Updated 07 July 2011