TODAY: Artist Sketching 50 London Locations In 24 Hours

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TODAY: Artist Sketching 50 London Locations In 24 Hours

A London artist is preparing for a 'pendurance' challenge in which she'll sketch out 50 London locations within 24 hours. Lizzie Mary Cullen's illustrative sojourn begins today at noon. She'll avoid well known landmarks and instead travel to places suggested by people on Twitter.

So, ideas needed. If there's a slice of London that has particular resonance for you − where you first kissed your partner, say, or urinated in a public place, or badmouthed a chugger, or spotted Kevin Spacey buying a cabbage − then let Lizzie know by tweeting to hashtag #LizzieTWP. Your suggestion is more likely to be chosen if there's a good story behind it. And if you can condense it into 140 characters.

The collected etchings will form a 'hand-drawn, psycho-geographic map of an alternative London'. Always a phrase worth putting in your press release if you want to push our buttons.

Lizzie's being goaded along by blog, which looks like a jim-dandy place to find out about creative projects in London. They'll be reporting live on the artist's progress via Twitter @think_work_play. Incidentally, have a look at the Lizzie's existing work. We like.

Last Updated 01 June 2011