Cable Car Construction To Start Soon, Ready By Olympics?

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Cable Car Construction To Start Soon, Ready By Olympics?

Despite scepticism from many quarters, including this one, the cable car link between Greenwich Peninsula and Royal Victoria Docks is barrelling forward with momentum.

A press release from TfL this morning announces:

  • A 'world-class consortium', headed by Mace who are currently working on the Shard, to build and operate the structure.
  • Building work to begin 'this summer'.
  • Aiming to complete before the Olympics (although not guaranteed).
  • Providing 'a spectacular architectural addition to London and a much needed river crossing in this area'.
  • Structure designed 'to the highest standard' by Wilkinson Eyre.
  • Scheme will be part of Oyster network.

TfL will be providing seed money up-front, but will seek to recoup costs on the £50.5 million scheme via private sponsorship and ticket sales.

This unusual transport link has the doughy whiff of 'bread and circuses' about it. A crowd pleaser not only delivered just in time for the Olympics, but perhaps just in time for the mayoral elections next year.

Still, reasons can always be found to nay-say any high-profile development. This latter-day Millennium Project might just have enough romance to succeed...providing the taxpayer doesn't end up keeping the bill.

Last Updated 18 April 2011


Well, it is an exciting project and it'll look good on the leaflets next April - May, I suppose.

Speaking of which, how is the new Routemaster coming along?

I seem to remember being told by the BBC in the autumn that "A prototype will be delivered [in 2011] and the first five new buses will be seen on the roads by early 2012"

Neil Clasper

Perhaps you could launch a search to find the people who'll be using the cable car regularly? There must be *someone* whose commute will be improved once it's built.