Preview: Deloitte Ignite 2011 'Just Tell the Truth' @ Royal Opera House

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Preview: Deloitte Ignite 2011 'Just Tell the Truth' @ Royal Opera House

What is the Deloitte Ignite Festival?

Deloitte Ignite is a three day event which takes over every corner of the Royal Opera House and invites people to listen to opinions, watch performances and films and view the current trends in fashion and art.

Why are Deloitte involved with the Royal Opera House?

Corporate Finance is Deloitte’s specialty. World class ballet and opera are the forte of the Royal Opera House. But in perhaps one of the most innovative sponsorship deals of UK arts funding, these two have been in partnership since 2008 to a tune of £1.75m.

Who’s Mike Figgis?

Mike has played keyboards for Brian Ferry, directed films such as Internal Affairs and Leaving Las Vegas and dabbled in digital video before Transport for London turned to him to shoot ‘A Little Thought From Each of Us, A Big Difference For Everyone’.

As the curator of this year's festival Mike follows in the footsteps of Wayne McGregor, Time Out editors and Joanna MacGregor aiming to "share my own ideas with a wide group of contributors and try to create an environment where all the ideas could be aired under the loose heading of Just Tell The Truth.”

Just Tell The Truth, Deloitte Ignite 2011 is curated By Mike Figgis at Royal Opera House on 2, 3, 4 September 2011 Full details of the programme to be announced later this year.

Last Updated 10 June 2011