Olympic-Branded Bunting Funds Announced

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Olympic-Branded Bunting Funds Announced

As mooted last year, Boris is making money available to London councils for dressing themselves up in the Olympic brand for 2012.

£50,000 will be gifted to each borough to invest in flags, bunting and banners, spreading the London 2012 look and feel across the whole city. Councils can work up their own proposals but will have to select their gladrags from the official 'Look Book' to be released this summer, ensuring London is uniformly decked out in the bright blue, green, orange and pink of the controversial logo.

Naturally, some feel that blowing 50 grand on such frippery is a waste of money. Hackney Alliance to Defend Public Services has spoken out, suggesting the money would be better spent delivering training opportunities to local residents. While it's a good point, it's unrealistic to suggest one of the host boroughs won't gussy up and make the most of the international shopfront opportunity afforded by the 'greatest show on earth'.

Balancing bunting with more serious concerns, Boris has also announced an 'eco-makeover' for London, promising hundreds of 'green' projects will come to fruition by 2012, including installing low-power LED lights on Tower Bridge and increasing the number of electric vehicle charging stations across town.

Image by peterphotographic via the Londonist Flickrpool

Last Updated 01 June 2011