Major Fire In Bermondsey Tower Block

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Major Fire In Bermondsey Tower Block

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Reports are coming in of a sizeable fire on an upper floor of a Southwark housing block. The fire is at Lupin Point on Abbey Street, Bermondsey, close to the lines out of London Bridge station.

This post will be updated with details as we hear more.

Update 14.50: 14 fire engines are at the scene with 40 firefighters. More photos here.

Update 15.50: Rumour suggests the fire was caused by a lightning strike. It seems that nobody was hurt. SE1 have more details.

Picture from @guzza

Last Updated 28 June 2011


People are saying it was caused by lightning striking the building. I wouldn't take that too seriously though, because they're spelling it "lightening". :(


Unless it was caused by something electrical sparking due to a power surge, I find the lightning hypothesis somewhat unlikely.


Doubtful it was lightning as it would have hit the roof first. More likely started inside the flat. See here: