LOCOG Censures Use Of ‘2012’

By BethPH Last edited 93 months ago
LOCOG Censures Use Of ‘2012’

Or should that be 20**? The Great Exhibition Company have been told by Games organisers that using the year formerly known as 2012 in their forthcoming Great Exhibition could result in legal action.

LOCOG cite the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 which is supposed to prevent any unauthorised association between the 2012 Olympics and other people or businesses. Stratford’s Café Olympic fell foul of the same regulations earlier this year. In the case of The Great Exhibition Company, LOCOG claims that ‘2012’ is now synonymous with the Olympics.

Fortunately, the cinematic catastrophe-fest starring John Cusack has escaped LOCOG’s attention. As have the 42,451 books listed on Amazon with the-year-after-2011-but-before-2013 in the title.

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Last Updated 15 June 2011