Athletes Warned Over Vulgar Tweets

By BethPH Last edited 91 months ago
Athletes Warned Over Vulgar Tweets

Athletes at the Olympics will be allowed to blog and use Twitter but only in ‘the Olympic spirit and fundamental principles of Olympism’ according to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) new rules.

That means no vulgar or obscene words or images, no journalistic reporting on events and no commercial content. Anyone desperate to Twitter while waiting their turn for the long jump will have to restrict themselves to ‘first person, diary type’ posts. Oh, and they can’t use any Olympic symbols or urls containing that word.

The IOC say they ‘actively encourage and support athletes and other accredited persons at the Olympic Games to take part in ‘social media’ and to post, blog and tweet their experiences’, but breaking the rules will get athletes thrown out. So don’t announce you’re quitting, call someone a fat prick or challenge your followers to a fight.

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Last Updated 28 June 2011