Work Resumes On Canary Wharf's Tallest Building

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Work Resumes On Canary Wharf's Tallest Building

Riverside South, a much-stalled development on the western edge of the Isle of Dogs is to resume construction, reports Skyscraper News.

The two-towered megaoffice, presumably to be nicknamed the 'graphic equaliser' if anyone still remembers what graphic equalisers were by the time it's built, will become the tallest building in the Canary Wharf cluster by 1 metre. (Although it will still appear shorter than the pyramid-topped One Canada Square, due to differences in land height.)

That's if it is ever completed. Construction crews will resume work in six months, building the structure's extensive basement floors up to ground level. By the time that's done, developers Canary Wharf and JP Morgan should be in a better position to decide whether the time is ripe to push on upwards, or keep the roost warm until the financial climate is ripe (if that's not mixing too many metaphors).

Last Updated 06 May 2011