Work Begins On 2012 Shooting Venue @ Royal Artillery Barracks

By Lindsey Last edited 84 months ago
Work Begins On 2012 Shooting Venue @ Royal Artillery Barracks

The final Olympic venue to start construction is the shooting venue at Woolwich's Royal Artillery Barracks. These artist impressions released today show an undulating white box seemingly splattered by a paintball gun.

Shooting spectators and competitors alike will be inspired by the historic setting of the polka dot arena which was home to the Royal Artillery - suppliers of the army's firepower - for 300 years. The Regiment recently moved out of SE18 to a modern new home at Larkhill, Salisbury but the barracks is being retained and repurposed by the MoD. In another shooty/sporty connection, Woolwich is also the original home of Arsenal FC - The Gunners - founded by workers in the local armaments factory.

The temporary venue will host Shooting, Paralympic Shooting and Paralympic Archery. It will be completed by next spring ready for test events. The venue will be dismantled immediately after the Paralympic Games and hopefully reused elsewhere in the UK.

Last Updated 11 May 2011


I'm Confused ... this makes no sense... as someone who lives near this location it is going to look terrible around what is already there, but not only that it will be dismantled after, why? wouldn't you keep it there for the money you have spent. As it says it is going to be used else where in the UK. once it is gone how damaged is the area its leaving going to be. Again as someone who lives near here i worry about this too, feels kinda like being used . As if Woolwich isn't bad enough with its name the best thing for it was the Olympics help building it up then sounds like its going to just be left to dissolve again.