London Turns Out to Reject AV: Although Not Absolutely

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London Turns Out to Reject AV: Although Not Absolutely

Fears that, with no accompanying local elections, as few as 15% of Londoners would turn out for the Alternative Vote referendum proved to be unfounded with 1.86 million people casting votes on Thursday.

That's 35.4% turnout, the lowest in the UK, where mean turnout was 42%.

London’s results mirror the drubbing handed out to the YES campaign. Just over 60% of voting Londoners rejected AV, with the vast majority of local authority areas (27 out of 33) recording a majority for the NO camp.

But inner-city Labour strongholds provided the few winning areas for supporters of the change. In Camden, Islington, Haringey, Lambeth, Hackney and Southwark, over 50% of people voted YES.

These six local authorities were six out of only ten local authorities in the UK to record a YES verdict.

Image by Simon-K via the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 07 May 2011


Well they are Labour strongholds who will follow their leader and jump when told to do so.

But it didn't make a scrap of difference to the result.

No, I am not a Tory or LibDem!

My own party said, vote Yes, but I voted for my country - so voted No.

Rachel Holdsworth

Given that Labour controls 17 London boroughs and only about a third of those voted YES, I hardly think Londoners were looking to Ed Miliband for guidance!


I hope this is the last of the AV switch the nation as given its verdict


Most of those are also strong LibDem areas, which makes sense, and generally areas of self identifying 'progressives' of different colours. The vote probably has more to do with that than any great swing of Labour voters following the leader.