Best Of The London Blogs: Royal Wedding Edition

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Best Of The London Blogs: Royal Wedding Edition

While we were busy covering everything in the world except the royal wedding, London's top blogs covered the festivities from a number of curious angles.

Best Wedding Preview
A Pre-Dawn Rehearsal For The Royal Wedding, by Ian Visits
Ian was in central London for 3am to cover the dry-run for the wedding, capturing the nocturnal pomp in a series of photos.

Best Wedding Piss-Take
London's Royal Wedding Shelters Open For Business, by 853 Blog
Darryl provides an exclusive on the reopening of London's deep level shelters (you know, those drum shaped buildings in Clapham, Stockwell, Belsize Park, etc.) as media-impervious bunkers for those seeking to hide from royal wedding coverage.

Best Royal Transport Story
Free Rail Travel For Any Will & Kate, by Annie Mole
Called William, Catherine or Kate? Got a time machine? Then travel back to the royal wedding and you can enjoy a free journey on Chiltern Railways. Or, rather,  a free rail-replacement bus service thanks to engineering works.

Best Royal Game
Royal Wedding Shit or Miss, by Brian Pigeon
Throughout the day, Brian the blogging pigeon provided an avian's-eye view of the best ledges from which to watch proceedings. He also instigated a game of 'shit or miss', encouraging fellow birds to poop on the open-top carriages.

Best Royal Futurology
The Next royal Wedding, by Diamond Geezer
DG looks forward to the day, in 2041, when HRH Princess Daisy Windsor ties the knot with Kylie Beckham, overseen by Archbishop Icke in Westminster John Lewis Abbey.

Best Royal History
A Wedding Dress of Spitalfields Silk, by Spitalfields Life
SL gets special access to the dress worn by Queen Victoria upon her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840, currently stored at Kensington Palace.

Best Royal Street Art
The Royal Return of Streatham's Ninja Knitters, by Streatham Pulse
The bollards and benches of south London are looking a little more patriotic than normal, following a spot of guerilla knitting by the local yarnsmiths.

Finally, here's Boris Johnson's own tribute to the happy couple: a bizarre short animation to accompany his gift of a tandem version of the Boris Bike.

Obviously, we can't spot every blog post about the wedding, so if you've seen anything good, let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 01 May 2011