Week In Geek: 25 April-1 May

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Week In Geek: 25 April-1 May

It's all about the Sci-Fi London Festival this week, which packs in more geeky goodness than an osmium lasagne.

SCI-FI: A panel discussion about rebooted sci-fi shows, followed by a screening of 'We Are All Cylons' takes place (appropriately for Galactica fans) at the Apollo Cinema. You can also catch some sci-fi movie shorts, some robot films, and the UK premiere of the dystopian flick Beyond the Black Rainbow.

FILM: Sustainability and Earth 2.0 are the watchwords at today's first Sci-Fi London event, with a panel discussion followed by a film screening. Another bout of short movies runs at the same time, with screenings of Gantz and The Corridor later.

SCI-FI: Screenings of The Show Must Go On and Recreator from the Sci-Fi festival. Alternatively, attend the announcement for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best new sci-fi novel.

SPACE: Time once again for the Science Museum's late opening (6.45-10pm). This month, the theme is 'space'. Meet Yuri Gagarin (may be an impostor), watch Chris Riley's new film about early space travel, hear live talks and music. All with booze and no kids.

PSYCHOLOGY: Effortlessly hilarious psychologist Richard Wiseman is at Foyles Gallery to discuss the science of the supernatural. Learn why the paranormal is still fascinating, despite being a steaming heap of nonsense in a bollock. (6.30pm, FREE)

FILM: The long-running Girl Geek Dinners returns, with a special theme of geek women in film. Entrance is free, but prebook. The Sci-fi festival will also screen The Arcadian, Blubberella and Nydenion Most impressively of all is the Royal Wedding all-nighter, which includes several films in which brides go bad, die or are otherwise sinister. A rival all-nighter features the sci-fi oeuvre of Irwin Allen.

B-MOVIES: What happens if you genetic a shark's head onto an octopus' body? It escapes and terrorises fit teenagers, of course. Watch the terror unfold in Sharktopus, followed by a screening of the equally improbable Dinoshark as part of the Sci-Fi fest. Another movie, Atlantis Down, is more astronautical than nautical, chronicling a future space shuttle mission that goes wrong in the most infeasible manner.

COMEDY/FILM: Geek humour later on, as Londonist favourite Helen Keen and other intellectual comedians offer a night of spacey stand-up at the Apollo. Alternatively, there's an all-night screening of classic sci-fi moves at BFI IMAX, including 2001 and Close Encounters.

DINOSAURS: And other stuff, of course, at the late-night opening of the Natural History Museum. FREE

The sci-fi programme is packed denser than a neutron star today, so a list will have to suffice: film-making workshop, comics, the making of Dark Star, space biomes, conspiracy theories, silent film with live rock soundtrack, screening of Pig, all-night anime fest, all-night rubbish film screening, and all-night Italian B-movies.

SCI-FI : Screenings of The Gerber Syndrome, Lunopolis, Zenith, You Are Here and Transfer, and another selection of short sci-fi films.

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