Second Snitch Campaign Over Stockwell Shooting

By BethPH Last edited 95 months ago
Second Snitch Campaign Over Stockwell Shooting

An anti-snitch leaflet campaign near the scene where a five-year old girl was shot has been condemned by police as ‘irresponsible’.

Thusha Kamaleswaran was one of two victims seriously injured in a shooting last month but the leaflets, along with a website containing a video of youths rapping warns potential witnesses from talking to police in what we think is a pretty shameful attempt to promote a climate of fear in the community. One man has already been charged with the shooting and police continue to appeal for witnesses. Fortunately, the senseless few who support intimidating others into silence appear to be in the minority – a Trident detective stated; ‘We have had a fantastic response from the local community, who are working with us on this investigation.’

A similar campaign was carried out in Peckham in January which specifically targeted Operation Trident after the shooting of 17 year old Sylvester Akapalara, but the culprit was traced by police and turned out to be a witness unhappy with his treatment in another murder case.

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Last Updated 13 April 2011