SAS Reported To Be Checking Shopping Centres Over Olympics Terrorism

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 95 months ago
SAS Reported To Be Checking Shopping Centres Over Olympics Terrorism

We're all going to die, nowhere is safe... We spot reports that the SAS are checking out shopping centres over fears of terrorist attack (of the Islamist and dissident Irish Republican kind) during the Olympics.

The Mirror (ah; already we may be doubting the total veracity of this report) quotes a "specialist intelligence company" called Exclusive Analysis as saying "soft targets" like pubs and Westfield Stratford may be in danger. Blimey, we may get into this risk analysis lark - looks like a piece of piss. Though quite why the SAS would be scouting round the back of H&M rather than an experienced counter-terrorism team, we're not quite sure.

Still no further news on the dog handler arrested near the Olympic Park last month, and we note a story from last week that the IOC has taken out an insurance policy worth £62 million for the London games - the maximum amount a consortium of insurers was willing to cover.

Obviously the Olympics is going to be a dodgy time for potential terrorism and the UK's threat level is expected to be at 'severe', one rung down from the top (which we believe is labelled 'brown trousers time') - except that's where we're currently at. Either our current warning system has some serious flaws, things aren't quite as bad as they look, or everyone's going to die and nowhere is safe. Panic! Panic!

Photo of Westfield Stratfield in its current form by Manuel.A.69 from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 11 April 2011