Nature-ist: Westway Garden, Ladbroke Grove

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Nature-ist: Westway Garden, Ladbroke Grove

Celebrating little known green spaces in London

What is it? A secret slice of green in Kensington that’s seemingly undiscovered, yet bigger than the over-used park down the road at Portobello Green.

Where is it? Tucked away along a lane behind Ladbroke Grove tube station, next to the mighty Westway which towers above, and backed by the grand Victorian townhouses of Kensington. Take the alley just past the Ion Bar and follow the Westway.

Why has it tickled our fancy? Sometimes it seems like the whole of London has descended upon Portobello Road, especially when the market’s in full swing. In the gardens next to Portobello you can't see the grass for lounging bodies when the sun comes out. However, if you prefer a little peace and quiet, head for this obscure tranquil haven with an urban backdrop. Grab your lunch from one of Portobello's many great cafes or stalls and sneak here; you can barely even hear the cars zooming by overhead.

Nature notes: Not a great deal of natural abundance, but this patch of grass and trees is pleasing enough when you compare it to the Westway next door!

By Jemma Bicknell

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Last Updated 28 April 2011