Giant Rabbit, Giant Fox, Giant Snail Appear In London

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Giant Rabbit, Giant Fox, Giant Snail Appear In London

A triple-whammy for fans of massive fake animals, as three oversized beasties loiter around London.

Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank is bedecked with this whopping straw fox. The flammable canid is one of several installations for the Festival of Britain 60th anniversary celebrations. Given that it's made of straw, we'd have stuck it on the nearby Hayward for the sake of a cheap rebus, but you can't have everything.

Meanwhile, Covent Garden's new retail area, St Martin's Courtyard, has its own monster. This supersized rabbit guards the entrance to the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers. The lagomorphic topiary was created by students of the academy to mark the coming of Easter.

Finally, Brian the Snail, an oversized gastropod with a penchant for fundraising, has completed the first mile of the London Marathon. The plucky mollusc was last reported in the Charlton Park area, hours after other athletes finished the race. Brian's ponderous locomotion is provided by Lloyd Scott, the long-suffering marathon stalwart who previously completed the race in a deep-sea diver's costume. He's pushing for a mile a day over the 26-mile course. Support him here.

Last Updated 19 April 2011