Arson Attack on Iranian Hunger Strikers

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Arson Attack on Iranian Hunger Strikers

Three asylum seekers protesting against a UK Border Agency decision to refuse permission for them to stay in the country have been subjected to an arson attack.

The men sewed their mouths closed and went on a hunger strike more than 20 days ago at a Croydon immigration centre after they failed in their bid to seek asylum here, claiming that as pro-democracy campaigners, deporting them to Iran would put their lives in danger. A man was arrested following the attack which is said to be racially-motivated and one of the hunger strikers, Mehran Meyari, has said that they have suffered further abuse from the public over their protest.

Prime Minister David Cameron was recently accused of playing into the hands of right-wing organisations such as the BNP when he spoke out on the subject of unfettered immigration and the supposed ‘failure’ of multi-culturalism, though in the case of Iranians seeking asylum the reported 87% of refused applications suggests a tendency towards the opposite. The ScrollPost blog gives some useful information about the realities of people fleeing the threat of imprisonment, torture or death in countries outside Europe and why asylum seekers might be willing to risk starvation, abuse and incendiarily-inclined fuckwits in the UK. There’s also an online petition campaigning to stop the deportation of the hunger strikers.

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Someone needs to take the disrespectful comments above down please! Ian u need to watch your language!


Send them back. They want the easy life. Free money, free houses, free education and then in a few months time they will be protesting agains't the British way of life.


Ian and Bob, you guys are properly narrow minded! Since you are so proud of this country you should know that NOTHING comes here for free - or are you making a comfortable life on benefits yourself by any chance? I doubt that anybody does! People who have ambitions are certainly not aiming for an 'easy' life, such as people who go through the danger and trouble to come to the UK over thousands of miles to seek a future without persecution and/or striving for a better life. But I guess that's beyond your imagination.

If you are talking of free money and housing, are you planning on kicking out the royal family as well - they certainly profit most from tax payers money and do nothing for it - see the charade of the royal wedding today!