Ticket Alert: Civil Unrest @ Debut, London Bridge

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Last Updated 01 March 2011

Ticket Alert: Civil Unrest @ Debut, London Bridge

The team of six creatives in the Coming Up Festival have been taking it in turns to take over the vaults under London Bridge, filling it with film, opera, music, food and other artistic, creative projects. This week sees the festival come to a close with Civil Unrest, a sprawling combination of theatre, photography, installations and food.

Project leader Spike Laurie has put together a theatre night which is ostensibly centred around the new play Unrestless by Ben Ellis - but there's no comfortable red velvet seat and ice cream in the interval promised. Instead, House of Jonn, current Creatives in Residence at the Hospital Club, have been brought in to design a dystopian prison canteen in which audiences will be seated for the play. And dinner will be served there too, prison-style, though the locally sourced food by Mark Jankel should be more enticing than standard prison fare. In among the political agitations of dining and theatre-going, there are also displays of photojournalism AND a political debate organised by Verso Press at the end of the play. All for the reasonable price of £25.00, if you haven't spent all your money on police fines on the way there.

Tickets for dining and theatre are still available for Wednesday night and if you can get there for the Friday matinee, there are half price tickets here. If you want to see the play but not go through the prison canteen experience, there are free tickets to the performance, debate and photography exhibitions here. Print the vouchers and claim your place at this event, just don't provoke the specially booked security personnel on the door.

Civil Unrest @ Debut, London Bridge, Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 March. For more infromation, go to the Civil Unrest website