Squatters Take Over Gaddafi Mansion

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Squatters Take Over Gaddafi Mansion

The London home of Colonel Gaddafi’s son has got new occupants; a group of squatters calling themselves Topple The Tyrants.

The £11m Hampstead mansion owned by Seif al-Islam Gaddafi was taken over on Wednesday morning by the group, who say they plan to stay ‘until such time as we are sure that [the property] can be returned to the Libyan people,’ adding, ‘We do not trust the British government to properly seize the Libyan government's corrupt and stolen assets so we have decided to take matters into our own hands.’ The Gaddafi family’s assets have been frozen following worldwide condemnation of security forces shooting protesters and it was reported today that BBC journalists had been detained and tortured.

The leader of Topple The Tyrants, who calls himself Montgomery Jones, also provided some helpful information about the interior decor, saying that the house is ‘incredibly plush’ and has a swimming pool, cinema room and sauna. The house was recently up for sale but given that the British government has seized around £20bn of Gaddafi’s assets including the Hampstead house, we wonder what will happen next. The police have declined to become involved, saying that the occupation is a civil matter. Being well-known doesn’t necessarily defend one from squatters, as Guy Ritchie also found out recently.

The troubled Libyan leader has also provided an unexpected rival to Charlie Sheen for delusional one-liners.

Photo by artofthestate

Last Updated 10 March 2011