Review The Fancyapint App For Us

By Lindsey Last edited 93 months ago
Review The Fancyapint App For Us

Our friends at Fancyapint have launched the Fancyapint iPhone app, which has been made by our friends at @LDN Creative. We're excited about this because we like pubs, apps and all the people involved. But it doesn't exactly give us critical distance. So we want you to help us review the app.

We put a shout out on Twitter yesterday and lots of you were interested, some giving immediate feedback. So here's an idea. The app is priced just 59p for two weeks. Download it, give it a whirl, try some new pubs and test FAP's recommendations. Then send us a microreview of 100-200 words, either on Twitter @londonist or email to And rate it on iTunes. We'll compile a review based on your user experiences and ratings and credit your endeavours.

Everyone who submits a review by Friday 25 March - whatever their view of the app - will be entered into a prize draw to win a £10 iTunes voucher. The winner will be notified by Tweet or email at the end of that day. And we'll publish the collaborative review the following Monday.

Last Updated 18 March 2011