Music-Hall Chairs - Play With Us!

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Last Updated 01 March 2011

Music-Hall Chairs - Play With Us!

Roll up, roll up! The games are afoot! And you are invited to join the fun on Wednesday 16 March in Music-Hall Chairs. Londonist is proud to announce a night of games in partnership with Wilton's Music Hall, the  beautifully preserved Victorian music hall in the city and A Door In A Wall, the games masters behind brain-boggling murder mystery treasure hunts such as A Brush With Death and Foreign Bodies.

Music-Hall Chairs is, as the setting and title suggests, a free evening of parlour games in the Mahogany Bar of the grand old music hall. Scheme, plot, strategise (but please don't cheat) your way through new games such as Casino Capitalism, Feud-Alism, Critical Acclaim and The Top Trump.  There will be (small) prizes and big fun, plus the theatre bar will be open for refreshments between rounds. Come, pay nothing, play a lot: we will see you there!

Music-Hall Chairs at Wilton's Music Hall, Wednesday 16 March, free. Registration opens from 6.30pm, get in the queue to get into the games.