A Door In A Wall Presents: Foreign Bodies

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A Door In A Wall Presents: Foreign Bodies

foreignbodies.jpg You lucky, lucky people. A Door In A Wall are back with a thrilling new investigative mission for you and your mates. We had a brush with death and almost cracked murder killed the radio star. But is that training enough for the global conspiracy of Foreign Bodies?

These guys know how to plan a real world game in London. The level of preparation, plot and attention to detail will astound you. The locations the adventure will lead you round will delight you. Add the piquancy of a race against time, fiendish clues, challenges and a mystery to unravel and you've got one hell of a day out with mates.

This time, a deadly pandemic threatens the world and health officials from across the globe are convening in London to halt this menace. Amongst the bold words and solemn speeches, the untimely death of South American bureaucrat Luz Morales might have been brushed under the carpet, but perhaps there's more to his story. Can you and your team of investigators uncover the truth?

You must gather evidence, solve puzzles and work out what the feck is going on. Equip yourselves with an A-Z (a smartphone is even better). Keep eyes, ears and minds open. Most importantly of all, wear comfortable shoes, be prepared to trek it across town and pack a topped up Oystercard. In fact, if you can get a team of Cycle Hire scheme members together, that might be well nifty.

Recommended team size is 3-6, though there's no formal limit. Excellently, the game is being run twice over the weekend of 23 and 24 October so more of you can participate. The fun begins at City Arts and Music Project (CAMP) off the Old Street roundabout from 11am. Sign up now - both days will sell out. It's a joyful snip at £12.50 a head, we promise. Buy tickets.

More info at www.adoorinawall.com

Last Updated 17 September 2010