Cycle Hire Scheme to Be Extended to Battersea?

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Cycle Hire Scheme to Be Extended to Battersea?

Never one to shy away from snap decisions, Boris Johnson said he would like to see the Cycle Hire scheme extended to Battersea, minutes after being handed a proposal at a People’s Question Time last week.

The detailed proposal on why the scheme should be extended was submitted by Battersea’s MP Jane Ellison and Wandsworth Cycling Campaign (WCC) as Boris headed into the Battersea Arts Centre for the Q&A session. WCC, the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign had a significant input on the proposal.

Boris agreed the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme extension amounted to a good idea, saying: “Of course, we want to extend it here, I want to see more of the big blue bicycles going along cycle super highway seven all the way down here as well.”

Responding to his comments, Ms Ellison told the Wandsworth Gazette: “There is a compelling case for extending the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme into Battersea - there are plenty of suitable locations and dozens of docking stations north and east of Battersea to connect up with.” Currently the Barclays Bikes stop short at Kennington Road to the East of Battersea.

Talking to us today, Susie Morrow, WCC campaigns co-ordinator, said: “It is a logical extension. It is very flat along the river to Putney, you can cycle through Battersea Park and it is rather nice. The North of Battersea in particular isn’t well serviced by public transport and lots of people don’t have space to store bikes... The success of the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme is down to people wanting to get from ‘a to b’ in the most convenient way possible and this is increasingly proving to be by bike.”

“Basically we have got a commitment from Boris Johnson. Now all we need is to secure funding.”

By Laura Laker

Last Updated 23 March 2011