Climb The BT Tower For Charity

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Climb The BT Tower For Charity

It's rare, very rare, that the opportunity comes round to ascend the BT Tower. But such an opportunity comes on 7 April...if you're prepared to climb up the 843 stairs to the 34th floor.

Barretstown and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust are hosting a charity event to raise money for young people with cancer. Participants are asked to climb the stairs to the top of the Fitzrovia landmark, where they'll enjoy little-seen and spectacular views. To take part, you need to put down an entrance fee of £25 and raise at least £100 for the good causes. You'll find entry details here. For those unwilling or unable to make the climb, there's also a lift pass, for just £25.

A charity breakfast with Dame Ellen MacArthur will also take place at the top of the tower on the same day (8am). Entry costs £50 (which goes to charity).

Last Updated 08 March 2011